Q: What kinds of training do you offer?
A: ZipTrain is a platform that allows our customers to create any kind of training they want. Besides a short introduction to the system, ZipTrain itself does not create any training content.

Q: Is ZipTrain secure?
A: ZipTrain treats all client data as confidential and does not release it to any third party unless required by law. User passwords are stored in a one-way encryption format such that once stored they cannot be viewed in plain text.

Q: Will this work with my computer(s)?
A: ZipTrain has been tested on:

Windows: IE 6 / 7 / 8 & Firefox 3.5
MacOS: Safari 3 / 4 & Firefox 3.5

In addition, check that both javascript is enabled and the Adobe Flash player (version 9 or above) is loaded.

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